Friday 25 October 2013

Classwork and Homework

Alsalamu Alaikum,

Today we had a wonderful day alhamdulilah!

Art: Students used the leaves and seeds they collected yesterday to make colorful dragonflies.

Math: Math book pages 36, 37 and  38.

Science: Students took a worksheet about Living Things. They learned about what living things need.

Islamic Studies: We learned about Allah, Our Great Creator and the wonderful things He created.

 We also rehearsed for tomorrow's performance. 

Homework: Math book pages 36, 37 and 38 (Home Connection)
                     Homework pack # 4 (due on Tuesday)
                     Read a story.

Reminder: Spelling quiz on Monday (tub, bus, see, bat, sit, us)

 Please make sure you are all here early. The performance will start at 7:30 pm in shaa Allah.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.