Friday 18 October 2013

Classwork and Homework

Alsalamu alaikum,

Today we had a lovely day.

Math: Talked about how to show numbers in different ways. We also added and subtracted. Students completed pages 28 and 29 in their Math books.

Spelling: Students named pictures in their Spelling books and circled pictures that had the same beginning sound.

Social Studies: We talked about hallway rules and practiced walking down the hallway. (Please talk to your child about the importance of following rules.) Next week we will be talking about "Routine" and the different things we do every day in shaa Allah.

Homework: Math book pages 28 and 29 (Home connection)
                    Homework pack (due on Thursday 10/24/2013)
                    Read at least one story.

Kindly sign the spelling quiz I sent home with your child and send it to school on Monday.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend in shaa Allah!


Ms. Hoda Elshayeb