Thursday, 1 June 2017

French Test on Monday on Monday June 5th

Assalam alaikoum Dear parents, I hope my email finds you in a good health and Eman
 Gr1 will have:
A.   Spelling test on Monday,June 5,2017.
B.   French test on Monday, June 5,2017
 You find below the words.   
1.    Marie
2.    parle
3.    avec
4.    son
5.    amie

 Jazakoum Allah khairan
French teacher
P.S. Please note that a set of papers has been sent home with the students.

Monday, 3 April 2017

A message from Monsieur Said, the French teacher :)

Asslam alikum Dear Parents, I hope my email finds you in   good health and Eman.

Below are some update from our 
French class.
This month our grade 1 students will be continuing to practice simple conversations, asking and answering  short questions about ourselves such as, comment vas-tu? Quelle est ta couleur préférée?   and talking about days of the week and the weather. They are learning about classroom objects, and prepositions (sur, sous, dans, devant, derrière). We have also be reviewing a few new French songs.
We will also be reviewing the vocabulary for the story , OU EST MON CHIEN ?( restaurant, chef, cherche, trouve, content, se cache, chiots, court, crie) .
·   Play rehearsal – introduction of the play Ou est mon chien ?
·  Introduction of the second IPG activity – colouring the characters.
·  Simple questions based on the story – les questions totales.
·   Introduction of the characters -  Marie – Suzanne – Policier – chef Robert – Madame Tremblay – chien Minuit - Pico la chienne.
·   We did the following activities related to the story :
1- Qu’est ce qui se passe ? ( students should draw a line that identifies the picture as it corresponds to the sentence, using basic vocabulary and very simple language structure and copy the sentence on the line. )
2-  Fais un dessin :  students should read and respond briefly to the written material ( draw a picture)
Please encourage your child to read the story I sent you and practice with him/her the vocabulary.
Jazakoum Allah khairan

Friday, 3 March 2017

Quran update from our Quran teacher,

Assalamo alaikom dear parents,

Alhamdulillah, we have finished in Quraan surat Al-lail. The student had the chance to do the following ( material taught in Arabic):

Knows that this surat contrasts the two kinds of people in the world ( the ones who devote their life to good and the ones who devote their lives to pleasing their desires. The final destination of each path.

Knows the meaning of the Ayat in general and the following words (الليل, النّهار الذّكر, الأنثى, نارا, نعمة).

Makes and enjoys an activity as you see in the pictures.


Nesreen Zahedah, B.Sc.
Quran & Arabic Language Teacher
Abraar School

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

A letter from Teacher Salam, the Arabic Teacher

السلام عليكم:

انتهينا بحمد الله من وحدة الملابس، حيث تزود الطالب بالعديد من المفردات والجمل الجديدة ، و تدرب على قراءتها و تهجئتها، حفظ نشيد بعنوان ( الملابس)، وتعلم العديد من المهارات اللغوية منها:
توظيف هذا وهذه في جمل صحيحة، استخدام الفعل المضارع مع (هو -هي -أنا) ،التعرف على المدود ( الألف -الواو - الياء) و التمييز بينها، قراءة المقطع الساكن في الكلمة، تمييز الحرف الناقص من الكلمة وكتابته، مطابقة الكلمة مع الصورة ، كما تدرب على الكتابة الصحيحة و حسن الخط -  و وصف حالة الجو (مشمس- غائم- ماطر ……...الخ).
والآن بدأنا باستخدام كتاب جديد للغة العربية ، يتضمن العديد من الحوارات و الفقرات و المفردات ، مستوحاة من بيئة الطالب و محيطه ،يرافقها العديد من التدريبات اللغوية، وذلك لتنمية  قدرة الطالب على فهم اللغة و تطبيقها ( الحديث بها) بالاضافة الى القراءة و التهجئة الصحيحة للحروف  المفردات و الكلمات ، و حسن الخط و الكتابة .
We finished unit [The Clothes] elhamdulilah. The students learned new vocabulary and sentences. The students practiced reading and spelling. They learned a new nasheed about clothes. Additional learning included:
·         Using ( هذا-هذه)
·         Mad el alif/waw/ya recognition
·         Reading silent syllables in words
·         Completing missing letters in words
·         Matching words with their proper picture
·         Describing the weather
·         Practicing penmanship skills
Now we started a new text book which helps the students in learning how to use Arabic using relevant vocabulary and context.
Please help the student practice mad el alif, waw, and yaa with this link:
If you need to contact me by email:
Jazakum Allah Khairan

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Thursday, January 26th is PICTURE DAY!!!

This is to inform you that Thursday, January 26th is going to be PICTURE DAY :)
PLEASE NOTE:  Students have to be in uniform.

Thank you,
Teacher Asma'a
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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Term 2 has began :)

Assalamu alaikum!
We have finished our 11th week of school, walhamdulillah!
Lots was done:

  • all students have started to sound out on their own, many of them are writing legible words and sentences and some are trying very hard to get to that step.  (As long as the student is able to sound out and read what they have written then they have achieved the first step in writing).
  • we have been reading books that have to do with the weather (mostly snow).  We are practicing reading at our own reading levels.
  • we enjoyed our 'Data Management' chapter.  We had a chance to do many activities as a class and in groups. We asked survey questions and we collected data to make graphs. We wrapped up our chapter with 'Teddy Bear Day', in which we looked at the size, and color of our bears to come up with our graphs.  We have started working on chapter 5 'Linear Measurement'.  The students were given a chance to measure many things around the class using non-standard units (popsicle sticks, cubes, cotton balls, hands, feet, etc.).           
  • we have completed our 'Living and non living things' unit in science and started working on our 'Materials and Structures' unit.  We are identifying the different materials that are found around us in the class.  We had a close look at our shoe and the materials that they are made out of.
  • We have completed a class project about 'Remembrance Day'.  We made our own poppies.  We made stuffed paper teddy bears.
  • in Islamic Studies (taught in Arabic) we are practicing wudu step by step.  We acted it out.  We took turns teaching each other.  We did it as a class and in groups. Soon we will be tested on wudu.  (Please practice with your child the 11 steps of wudu.) We are still talking about 'najasa' and 'tahara' and the importance of cleanliness.
  • in gym/health class we have been practicing our warm exercises.  We began talking about the four food groups.
  • in social studies we have wrapped up our unit on relationships, responsibilities, roles, rules, routines, etc.

*Please note that I usually do NOT send personal emails home unless I feel that you need to be aware of something that happened in class, but please feel free to email me if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or/and comments.

*Usually I do not send books home because most of the time, but if you need to take a look at the work we are covering in class, please let me know and I can send the book(s) home.

*Also, if you need anything or feel like you would like to meet please email me and we can plan accordingly, inshallah.

*I am sure all of you are aware of our 'Zero Tolerance' rule, in which no one is allowed to touch his/her classmate in any way or manner that would hurt.  Parents will be notified through an email whenever a student breaks the 'Zero Tolerance Rule'.

*Homework goes home on Tuesdays and comes back on Mondays.  Homework has to be done on a daily basis.  Try to encourage your child to do 10 minutes of homework every day.  That is the best way to make the most and learn from the homework. (Homework that is returned on Monday, will be marked late.

*Spelling tests take place every Wednesday.  I will be sending the spelling notebook home every 5th spelling test so that I can take a look at your child's results.

By working together we will have a successful year, inshallah!

Teacher Asma'a

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

A message from the Quran teacher Teacher Nesreen :)

Assalamo alaikom dear parents,

Alhamdulellah, we finished suart AL-Alaq. The students had the chance to know the following:

  1. The revelation of this surah.
  2. Understanding the overall meaning. Specifically, the word (( Alaq)).
  3. How many names Allah SWT has. Mention some of them from this surah.
  4. Giving an example of Alla's vision power أَلَمْ يَعْلَمْ بِأَنَّ اللَّهَ يَرَى (14).
  5. What are the manners that the muslim should apply when he/she reaches this sign Inline image 1 while reciting. 
  6. How many sajdas are in Quraan. Where is al-qibla.
  7. Apply an activity.
InshaAllah, we will have a test this week. Please, keep practicing with tajweed rules!
Try to read it from Quraan and pointing at the words to help your child reading independently soon inshaAllh. Some of the student already do mashaAllah. 



Nesreen Zahedah, B.Sc.
Quran & Arabic Language Teacher
Abraar School