Thursday, 14 November 2013

Classwork and Homework

Alsalamu Alaikum,

Today we had a wonderful day alhamdulilah!

Reading Program: Students sat on the carpet and I read them "Betty Lou Blue". Sr. Madlien read this story last week and I read it to them twice. Students took a Story Response Log home. Your child will retell you the story and you will write down a summary of the story (the way your child told you the story). Please include all the details your child says.

Writing: We learned about Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives.

Math: Math book pages 114 and 115. Our Math buddies from 4A joined us today!

Art: We are making a book "All About Me".

Homework: Math book pages 114 and 115 (Home Connection)
                   Read a story.
                   Story Response Log (Your child will tell you the story and you write down a summary)
                   Homework pack (due on Tuesday)

Reminder:  Please have your child use the Spelling City website to practice the list words for the next spelling test.. Test # 7  

Have a great long weekend in shaa Allah!