Friday 28 March 2014


The following are the instructions:

Storybird Instructions (to change password):

You must do this only once.
1.     Go to
2.     Sign in using your temporary password and change it for the new one that Teacher Jessica gave you.
3.     Click on Update Password.
4.     From now on, you will be using your new password to login.

Storybird Instructions:

1.     Go to
2.     Sign in using your username and your new password.
3.     On the web page The World Needs Your Stories, click on the “Class” tab.
4.     You will be taken to your assignment page.
5.     Click on your assignment picture and you will see what you need to do.
6.     When you are ready to start, click on Do This Assignment” button on the right-hand side of the page.
7.     You will be taken to a web page that has a lot of artwork, but you need the artwork that goes with your assignment. Scroll down a little. You will come to a button that says Search Artwork tags.”
8.     Click on this button and enter your keyword. For example, “spring.”
9.     You will be taken to a web page that has spring artwork.
10.   Look at the artwork and decide which one you would like to use for your story.
11.   Click on the artwork that you want.
12.   Click on the Use This Art” button, click on the picture book.
13.   You will see images on your left and your right. These images you can use to create your story.
14.   To start your story, you can type your story in the text box beside your picture. When you finished writing on your first storyboard, choose another image to continue your story. All you need to do is drag your image to the storyboard. You do this until your story is done.

Have Fun!!