Monday 3 March 2014

Classwork and Homework

Alsalamu Alaikum,

Today we had a wonderful day alhamdulilah!

Spelling: Students wrote their spelling quiz. They had a bonus where they wrote two questions.They read words in their spelling books and wrote rhyming list words. They did some proofreading and they corrected the the list words that were spelled wrong.

Library: Students went to the library and Tr. Nancy gave them the Read With Me form # 3.

Quran: Students are still being tested on surat Al-Shams and they will be starting a new surah after the March break in shaa Allah.'

Gym: We played Green Light/ Red Light and Giant Soup!

Science: Students finished their worksheet about energy used when camping. We discussed some of the different ways in which we can save energy.

Islamic Studies: Students answered questions about Prophet Muhammed (SAW) in their I Love Islam workbooks.

Homework: Pray
                    Read a story.

Reminders: Sign your child's Spelling quiz and send it to school tomorrow.
                     Today students took the registration form for next year.

French (Tr. Said)
Assalam alaikoum

 Dear parents,

I hope my email finds you in a good health and Iman,
you find below what we did in the class between 2/24/2014 to 2/28/2014.

1- We introduced the characters of the story:

We introduced the characters before acting out the play. We gestured for the class to say the following:
Cette histoire s’appelle ou est mon chien?
Ça c’est un personnage/character/personnage.
C’est une fille qui s’appelle Marie
Ça c’est un autre personnage.
C’est Suzanne,l'ami de Marie.

1-    Le narrateur
2-    Marie
3-    Suzanne, l’amie de Marie
4-    Le policier
5-    Madame Tremblay l’enseignate
6-    Robert le chef
7-    Minuit le chien et Pico la chienne (qui ne parlent pas)

2- We introduced a new vocabulary related to story :

1-    D’accord
2-    L’/une expression)
3-    Personnage
4-    Minuit
5-    (Le/un)policier
6-    (L’/une) enseignante
7-    (le/un) chef
8-    (le /un) restaurant
9-    (le/un) parc
10- (la/une) forêt .

Jazakoum Allah khairan.