Monday 5 May 2014

Classwork and Homework

Alsalamu Alaikum,

Spelling: Students wrote the spelling quiz and the bonus was to write two questions using the 5Ws +1. They unscrambled list words and wrote them in word shapes. They wrote opposites and sentences about how to take care of a pet using the list words in their spelling books.

We played POP for BLENDS!

Library: We went to the library and students checked out books.

Gym: We went outside and played pizza and had a race!

Social Studies: Students completed a worksheet about maps and locating places. Students learned to use LEFT and RIGHT to give direction.

Islamic Studies: We learned about the manners of a Muslim as a Guest.

Homework: Pray
                   Read a story.
                   Homework Pack (due tomorrow)


  • Tomorrow is Toonie Tuesday in shaa Allah.
  • Tomorrow we have a Used Book Sale. Prices are $0.50 to $4:00..
  • French Cafe is May 7th
  • Clean the capital is May 8th
  • Sign your child's spelling notebook.
  • If your child has not handed in the story response log, make sure he/she does tomorrow.

Have a great evening in shaa Allah!