Wednesday 12 February 2014

Classwork and Homework

Alsalamu Alaikum,

Today we had a wonderful day alhamdulilah!

Writing: Students finished working on their writing worksheet about what they want to be when they grow up. They drew a picture of themselves and coloured it. We started designing invitation cards for the SLC (Student Led Conference)

Math: Math book pages 208, 209 and 210.

Science: We joined 1B and students watched a video about the different sources of energy.

Health: Students wrote a plan for healthy eating. We talked about the different food groups and how to stay healthy.

Homework: Pray Maghrib and Isha.
                    Math book pages 208, 209 and 210 (Home Connection)
                    Homework pack (due on Tuesday)
                    Read a story.

  • This week I will be looking at students' behaviour with respect to Independent Work and I will be evaluating their performance.

A Message From Tr. Nancy

Dear Parents,

Assalamu Alaikum

Yesterday, your child received the Read With Me program reading log along with other information. Please note that the program starts on Monday, the 17 of February and not before. In addition, the forms must be returned  on Mondays. If the child does not return the reading log on time, he or she will receive the following week’s reading log and will not get the current one. For instance, if he or she returns the reading log #1 on the Thursday, February 27, the child will receive the reading log #3. Please make sure to return the reading log sheets on time.
Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your cooperation.
Happy Reading!