Monday 3 April 2017

A message from Monsieur Said, the French teacher :)

Asslam alikum Dear Parents, I hope my email finds you in   good health and Eman.

Below are some update from our 
French class.
This month our grade 1 students will be continuing to practice simple conversations, asking and answering  short questions about ourselves such as, comment vas-tu? Quelle est ta couleur préférée?   and talking about days of the week and the weather. They are learning about classroom objects, and prepositions (sur, sous, dans, devant, derrière). We have also be reviewing a few new French songs.
We will also be reviewing the vocabulary for the story , OU EST MON CHIEN ?( restaurant, chef, cherche, trouve, content, se cache, chiots, court, crie) .
·   Play rehearsal – introduction of the play Ou est mon chien ?
·  Introduction of the second IPG activity – colouring the characters.
·  Simple questions based on the story – les questions totales.
·   Introduction of the characters -  Marie – Suzanne – Policier – chef Robert – Madame Tremblay – chien Minuit - Pico la chienne.
·   We did the following activities related to the story :
1- Qu’est ce qui se passe ? ( students should draw a line that identifies the picture as it corresponds to the sentence, using basic vocabulary and very simple language structure and copy the sentence on the line. )
2-  Fais un dessin :  students should read and respond briefly to the written material ( draw a picture)
Please encourage your child to read the story I sent you and practice with him/her the vocabulary.
Jazakoum Allah khairan