Monday 7 November 2016

Trying our best to meet our goals :)

Assalamu alaikum!
We have finished our 9th week of school, walhamdulillah!
We have achieved lots:
  • we have gotten used to writing the short date on all of our work (some of us can write it without looking).
  • most of us have mastered the rules of writing in our journals (review with your child the rules we use when writing).
  • in reading we have been reading books about responsibilities, rules, and relationships.  We have been trying to identify whether the story/book we read is fiction or non-fiction (please take the time to read with your child on a daily basis).
  • in math we have wrapped up our third chapter 'Introduction to addition and subtraction' and we have started a new chapter 'Data Management'.  We have been counting by 1, 2, 5, and 10 (please practice that at home with your child).  We have practiced making addition and subtraction stories.  We are now learning how to collect information and represent it in a graph.
  • we have completed our 'Living and non living things' unit in science.
  • in art we have been doing little tasks here and there.  We made a craft that has to do with kindness.  It is about how we use our hands to be kind. 
  • in Islamic Studies (taught in Arabic) we covered the following topics 'I am a Muslim, I must be clean'.  We talked about the meaning of the words 'nadafa', 'tahara', 'najaza'.  We understood that it is really important for us to be clean at all times and to keep our surroundings clean no matter where we are.  We are now practicing how to make wudu.  We have been practicing how to make wudu for a couple of weeks now.  Please take the time to ask your child to act out the steps of wudu in front of you.  We have learned the meaning of 'niyah' (intention).  *Ask your child what the meaning of the word 'Takhleel' is... 
  • in gym/health class we have been reviewing the rules of safety in the gym.  We have been practicing the games that we have learned.  We talked briefly about healthy eating and we will do more of that in the near future, inshallah.
  • in social studies we have reviewed what we have learned about rules and relationships.  We have given examples of responsibilities in our daily lives (as a teacher and as a student).
*Please note that I usually do NOT send personal emails home unless I feel that you need to be aware of something that happened in class, but please feel free to email me if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or/and comments.

*Usually I do not send books home because most of the time, but if you need to take a look at the work we are covering in class, please let me know and I can send the book(s) home.

*Also, if you need anything or feel like you would like to meet please email me and we can plan accordingly, inshallah.

*I am sure all of you are aware of our 'Zero Tolerance' rule, in which no one is allowed to touch his/her classmate in any way or manner.  Parents will be notified through an email whenever a student breaks the 'Zero Tolerance Rule'.

*I have completed the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment).  I have tested each student by doing a one on one reading test.  I will be reviewing the results with Teacher Hajer (our Reading Program Coordinator), then we will send the results home, inshallah.

*Homework goes home on Tuesdays and comes back on Mondays.  Homework has to be done on a daily basis.  Try to encourage your child to do 10 minutes of homework every day.  That is the best way to make the most and learn from the homework.

*Spelling tests every Wednesday. 

By working together we will have a successful year, inshallah!

Teacher Asma'a
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