Friday 20 February 2015

A message from Monsiuer Said, the French teacher...

Assalam alaikoum  Dear parents, 
This week, your child began a new unit, Où est mon chien?
   In order to do well in French this term, your child will:
•  participate actively in class, in French only;
•  work cooperatively with others in the class while answering questions;
•  learn the gestures covered in class;
•  learn the gesture associations;
•  participate in songs, chants, and games with enthusiasm;
•  complete class work;
•  seek help when needed.
At-home support
In order to support the work covered in class, and to ensure student success and independence, students may practice the gestures and the play, songs. The DVD is a very useful tool to support the program and can be used as the basis for at-home support. Parents may share in the language learning with their children as well!
Students will be assessed on their ability to:
•  learn the words in this unit;
•  use French spontaneously, both with the teacher and with peers;
  pronounce words correctly;
•  answer questions based on the story;
•  perform the play;
•  listen well;
•  cooperate with peers while working with a partner;
•  participate with enthusiasm;
•  complete work on time;
•  stay focused and productive in class.
•  One double-sided pocket folder for work in class
•  DVD for home use (optional)
   I am looking forward to working with your child. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding this outline or your child’s progress. Please encourage your child to share with you what and how s/he is learning in French class.
You find in the email I sent you 9 attachments :
The story - ou est mon chien?
List of vocabulary.
Ongoing assessment sheets.
La semaine - song -
Les contraires - song / activity -
Minuit est perdu - song -
Monsieur / Madame - Activity -
Ou est mon chien - song -
Qu'est-ce qui se passe après ? / activity .
Jazakoum Allah khairan .

French teacher