Friday 5 September 2014

First blog of year 2014-2015

Assalamu-alaikum to all of you!
It is great to be back at Abraar after a year off...
I would like to take a minute to welcome all of you back!!!
I look forward to a very successful year with all of you...
May Allah bless each and everyone of my students
bring them what is best!
(I have sent a letter home on the first day of school, if you did not receive it, please email me...)
Please note that I was not able to send home the 'Parent Response Sheet' yesterday, I apologies for any inconvenience...
Please feel free to email me at any time, if you need anything...
Keep me in your duaas!
Take care,
Teacher Asma'a

NOTE:  all images in this blog are take form Google images