Thursday, 20 December 2012

No homework during the winter break

This was sent in an email:
Thursday, December 19th 2012

Dearest Parents,
We hope you and your families are well and in good health…
We just wanted to let you know that even though we did not send formal homework with the students to do over the break, we do encourage you to spend valuable time with you son/daughter. 
·         Take the time to do lots of reading with your child.  It would be great to read on a daily basis. 

·         Encourage your child to sound out on his/her own when writing.  May be you can have a winter break diary.

·         Have a discussion with your child about anything that might interest him/her.

·         Give your child a chance to express himself/herself by doing some art.
You can also encourage your child to use the computer to learn.  The following are some websites we would suggest:








· (Practice adding and subtracting)


Just for fun:


If you feel that you would like to do more with your child then we recommend you purchase a workbook, that you may find at Costco, Walmart, or/and Zellers.  The workbooks are directly related to the grade one curriculum.

Please note that we will not be accessing our school emails during the break.

Please do not forget to advise your child to rest and have lots of fun during the break!

Wish you the best of time with your son/daughter…

Thank you and take care,

Teacher Asma’a & Teacher Jessica